Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/10

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Subject: Re: M7????
From: Jeff Moore <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 11:17:14 -0500

At Fri, 07 Nov 1997 21:57:21, dannyg1@IDT.NET (Danny Gonzalez) wrote:
> Leica has officially denied plans for any of the following:
> The electronic M6E
> The M6W (which they've reasonably explained would have too much lens barrel 
> viewfinder blockage)
> M6T or consumer version of the M6J viewfindered M6, which they've said has been 
> problematic (I remember Roger writing something to this effect. Roger?)

Well, I know which of these `not-going-to-happen' cameras I'm rooting for most, 
and perhaps for an improbable reason.  Sometimes, not constantly but often 
enough that the M6's limitation frosts my shorts, a picture in hard sunlight 
would just look much better with a little flash fill.  And if it's bright out 
and the film isn't dead slow, that 1/50th sync speed is seriously suboptimal:  
you lose any possibility of choosing a DOF-reducing aperture.  If the M6E has 
a flash-sync speed of 1/250th or better (is anything better possible with a 
focal-plane shutter?) I'll be there in line at my camera store.  The 
possibility of choosing aperture-priority automation occasionally would be 

Another reason to love my leaf-shutter Mamiya rangefinders.