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Subject: Re: Should I keep M5?
From: "Anders Lundquist" <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 00:53:23 PST

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>Subject: Re: Should I keep M5?
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>Keep the M5
>I regularly use an M5 with Noctilux 1.2 and  35 mm 2.8. 
>M5 fits my hands better and I like the feel. of the larger size!   
>So much for my vote!
The Leica M5 is a suberb instrument and I have used my s/h for a good 
couple of years now. But there is one thing to worry gravely about and 
that is that the battery PX 625 used in the M5, Leicameter and others is 
no longer produced and I've been told that there is no real substitute 
for it. I have bought a dozen PX 625 that will last me a few years, but 
after that I don't know if the Leica M5 is a very good camera anymore!
Can anyone shed some light on this problem, please!
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