Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/06

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Subject: Re: Leica point and shoots.
From: Jack & Christine Hamilton <>
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 1997 11:33:18 -0600

> I would like to get a Leica point and shoot for my wife for Christmas.
>  I'd really like to get her a M-6 with a 75 Summilux, but I've been
> warned that would not be a good idea.  We've got an Olympus XA2 at the
> moment which works fine most of the time, but Cheri always seems to
> move the focus lever to infinity for closeups and every so often the
> camera likes to use near 1sec shutter speeds with flash.  So we get
> well exposed but quite blurred images..........
> Wall Street Camera has a bunch of the Mini, Mini II and now Mini III
> cameras.  Does anyone have a recommendation between the three quality
> wise or reasons why I should buy the Mini III over the Mini or Mini II.
>  I don't need a zoom and a Minilux would take away from buying other M
> EQ.
> Duane

I would highly recommend the Mini-3...over the older "mini's"---foo one
simple reason: shutter release delay.

With the original mini, and the mini-2, when you pushed down the shutter
release, there was about a 3/4 second delay while the camera focused and
then fired the shutter. It made "decisive moment" shooting very
challenging (how's that for being diplomatic, Solms?).

With the mini-3, you can gently push the shutter release enough to
achieve the focus (the lens moves) and then you can complete the shutter
release cycle to actually shoot the picture...when the right moment
comes along.

To me this is an important difference...and it is why I'm never without
my mini-3 (Even as a "back-up" when I'm using an m-6. 

Jack Hamilton, Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA