Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/05

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Subject: Re: Bill Larsen's 4/90 Elmar
From: Bill Larsen <>
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 1997 14:03:27 -0800


Many thanks for the info about my lens.  I also received the addendum from
Marvin Moss.  I don't have his bio, though.

I did not mean to accumulate collector's equipment.  It is not really for
sale.  I have been trying to intrepret a 1967 edition of Kisselback to
figure out what adapters I need  when I find a Bellows II.  Kisseback lists
a lot for the Bellows I.  Then, uh duh.  It occurred to me that everything
on the front end should be the same.  So I can start shopping now.

Now if I could just figure out what "bezel" means in Marvin's context.

By the way, DINFOS appears to be at Ft. Meade (home of the ASA - what a
combination :-).

Regards,  Bill Larsen

At 06:37 PM 11/4/97 -0500, you wrote:
>This should be a '65 three-element lens.  One quick test is to check the
>minimum aperture:  if it is f/32 on a rigid lens, I believe it has got to
>be a three-element lens.
>Screw the collectors (shame!):  get a Bellows II and hie at it.  Or sell
>your Rare Lens for much money and buy an earlier 4/90 AND a 2.8/90 Elmarit
>with the proceeds and have two lens choices on your bellows.
>I shot most of the pictures in my two books with either a 4/90 (four
>element) on a Leica Bellows II and M6 or on a Hassie 2000 with 5.6/135
>S-Planar.  No huhu with either rig, as both function flawlessly.  Time and
>  FAX:  +540/343-7315
>Cha robh bas fir gun ghras fir!