Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/11/04

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Subject: ud, I am stupid again today
From: "Patrick G. Sobalvarro" <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 23:47:54 -0800

Sorry about sending a "who leica-users-digest" to the list.  I know better
than that, at least when I have my brain turned on.

Speaking of stupid mistakes, I often shoot into light, typically backlit or
partly-backlit objects (is this "shooting from the shadow side"?).  That's
a fine idea, but unfortunately I often combine it with a not-so-fine idea.
When light from outside of the image area strikes the front element of my
lens at an acute angle, I get flare.  This is not really a coating issue --
it happens with every single lens I own, including modern multicoated Leica
lenses and old uncoated Leica lenses, as well as my trusty Russar.

I'm used to this, and take steps to counteract it.  I put hoods on my
lenses, and with my R cameras, I watch for flare in these situations and
either change position and recompose or sometimes if I can I hold out a
hand and shade the lens a little extra.

Unfortunately, with my M2, because I am not looking through the lens, I
never notice flare until I get the film back from the processor.  Then it's
too late.

How do longtime RF users counteract this?  Do you just develop a sixth
sense about it?

- -Patrick