Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/31

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Subject: Flare
From: Thomas Pastorello <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 19:35:19 -0500 (EST)

Dear Listserve Members,
   I am new to your list.  I received your address from a member of the
LHSA Viewfinder editorial board after I had asked a question in reaction
to an article By Tom Abrahamson on the 24mm-M ASPH.  The member could not
give me an answer and I am unable to reach Tom.  I'm sending out below a
copy of the question with the hope that some of you members can share with
me your experiences with the 24mm-M ASPH relative to flare.  My question
statement follows.  Thank you in advance fot the time and attention given
this matter:
>   In your experiene does the new 24mm-M ASPH tend to flare
>out?  I own this lens and agree with Mr. Tom Abrahamson, in his recent
>article, that it is "as sharp and contrasty as one could wish for."
>However, I was surprised to read that he could not "get it to flare when
>the sun appeared."  Unfortuately,  I had no trouble getting it to flare
>during a recent trip to Vienna.  I find that the most recent 28mm-M is
>truly flareless whether the sun is direct or at an angle.  When direct,
>the sun is a star burst in the picture with no loss of contrast anywhere.
>I find that the 21mm-M (not the new ASPH -- I don't have that yet) is
>prone to some flare.  The direct sun causes a light blare (not a neat
>star) and some loss of contrast in about a third of the picture around the
>sun.  The 24mm-M ASPH causes a slightly larger blare and slightly more
>loss of contrast than the 21.  I do not think that the 24's flare has to
>do with the aspherical element because I also own and use the 35mm-M f1.4
>Aspherical and find it as flareless as the 28mm-M.  I wonder
>if I have a "bad" 24mm-M and should send it to Leica for adjustment or if
>I simple have to avoid direct or sharply angled sun when using it?

                                        Tom Pastorello
                                        Syracuse University