Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/31

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Subject: R8 & standards
From: ted grant <>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 09:22:06 -0500

Alf wrote:

<<<I heard today, that Solms sold about 5.000 R8s worldwide meanwhile.
Would it be too unfair to note, that Canon sells that in half an hour
[maybe a day more ;) ]? >>>>

It might be interesting to compare how many Porsche 928's or Ferraries are
sold in a day compared to fords! 

Alf, it's a trees or wood chip comparison. Besides the R8 is a brand new
product on the market geared to a high interest group of people and not the
masses!  (by the way we are the masses who purchased and use them) :)

And if Canon were to sell that many in a half hour it would be the total of
all it's camera products and not just the high end EOS 1n.

<<<One of my traders even said, that the number of returns on some products
and Solms/ Leica repairments has reached never known height>>>>

He maybe right, however when I here "so & so said" about a product, I like
to think I'm from Missouri and ask "show me!". If we come back to the point
"this is a brand new Leica" and one should expect in our ___not absolute
perfect world____ there are going to be glitches!

There shouldn't be!!!!!! We Leica users do not expect to have anything but
a perfect camera, as that is the code of owning one. It happens  that's
life and human error!

I'm the first to admit there have been, we have members right here on the
LUG who experienced and explained them. But how many cameras from other
manufacturers have to be "fine tuned" that we never hear about? 

Like you, I still trust Leica and always will be a Leica User believer. If
anything I just don't do the same quality of photography when I use other
products, despite the fact that it is "the person holding the camera" and
not the camera that creates/sees the picture.

I realize that is true, but the Leica creates something inside oneself! And
if it didn't, why do so many of us have them and do magical pictures?