Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/29

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Subject: Re: Roll Call
From: Michael Leitheiser <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 19:52:57 -0800

Mike Leitheiser
Age: 54
B.A. History, J.D., Member (inactive) Oregon State Bar (had an uncle that
set a bad example and drank a lot and my parents told me I would never
amount to anything if I couldn't pass a bar)
Married 31 years
2 children
        #1 son in 2nd of law school
         daughter in 2nd year of Med school
        #2 son working on post bach degree in accounting
        I offer the above as an explanation for my current state of near
terminal Leica poverty.
Native Oregonian, live in Lake Oswego,  near Portland
Manager, Local Insurance Brokerage firm after working for 3 large national

Began shooting agfa and zeiss rfs(silette, contessa) in 60s.  Ended up with
Canon7s, had use of Nikon stuff as an undergraduate through involvement in
academic publivations.  Wanted Leica then, but moved to SLR, Pentax, Konica,
Nikon.  Discovered that other avocation (flyfishing) was hard on cameras
when wading deep and casting long.....Have drowned all of the above at
various times.

Now have (and use)

Agfa Optima
Fuji 645 folder
Nikon FM and 3 or 4 lenses
Nikon 35Ti (in a ziplock baggie in my vest it swims quite well)
bought M6 4 years ago and it gets 90% of the use
28 Elmarit 3rd
35 Sum  4th
50 Sum NF
90 Sum current
135 Elmarit 2nd

Had a 75 Summilux and it was a beautiful lens, but the focal length and
ergometrics just didn't do it for  me.

Strictly an amateur though have had photos (including a cover photo)
published over the years. 90%BW.

Wish List...Like the Granger (cane fly rod) that I traded if for, but wish I
still had the Canon 7 and 50 1.4.
        Permanent DarkRoom.
        'nother M mount body, 6 or CLE, whichever the kids get me when they
get out of school.
Mike Leitheiser

"When the trout are lost, smash the state."
                                   Tom McGuane