Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/23

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Subject: Re: Leica Photographie/Spec Issue M6
From: "" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 06:17:57 -0400

Hans Pahlen wrote:

>Today the postman delivered Leica Fotografie "Special Issue M6". It was
>worth waiting for! Of special  interest are articles about M-philosophy
>(Sonke Peters), Picture Composition (Hendrik Hoesel), Detailed
>of all the current lenses, and "Magnificent mystique" (celebrities using=

>Leica by Rolf Fricke).
>To be completely honest, most of the contents are no news for the averag=
>LUG-member, but this issue sums up the M-story to the present day in a
>nice way!

I received mine in French and English.

I don't know for the English version (everybody knows that my English is
but the French translation is terrible, it's a shame.
I think that the translator never used a camera or a lens in his entire
(The reason I've ordered both version is that I expect this to happen -
that =

I will need the English to understand the French !!)

Regarding the content, I am really disappointed ! +85 % was already
published in various
Leica Fotografie or Leica Folder before.
(and in the M 40th anniversary issue, who was much better)
A lot of the pictures are the same and some are badly scanned .
(specially those of cameras)
It is mostly a compilation. It is usefull for new M users (English) but f=
us ?!

Is it so difficult to have interview of 10 or 15 Leica M's users =

(pro, who where never interviewed before), repairers, R&D people from Lei=
etc.. =

and to come with something totally new ??
And to make new pictures of the Leica collection and collector cameras ?

And I am sorry, but asking Sonke Peters his impression as a user is a jok=
He is the product manager of the Leica M.
Why not asking him his impression about the future of the M camera =

instead of the past? He is the guy who know (I hope) what will happen
to our beloved M.

A missed opportunity ! =

My disappointment is equal to my passion for the Leica M and Leica books.=



N.B. In Leica Fotografie 5 & 6 there is a good article about apherical