Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/10/21

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Subject: Re: 35 & 50 M lenses??
From: (Jeremy Kime)
Date: 21 Oct 97 12:21:00 GMT

At 11:46 AM 18-10-97 CDT, Richard H. wrote:
>I need information about the 35/1.4 made since 1961, I believe, from
>actual users.

I've been a fan of the 35/1.4 since I got one with my first M2 outfit in the 
early 80s.
Although it had a chip out of the rear element (which gave a darker smudge 
in the middle of the picture when you shot a neutral area) it was a cracker. 
Lovely sharp pictures AND the ability to go fishing for pictures inside 
pubs, bars and elsewhere without worrying about camerashake or wieght. I 
lost it, had to replace with a 35/2 and always wanted to get back to the 
Summilux, I eventually missed the closer focussing of the Summicron and 
wondered whether to look for a late black, (I like black) M3 specs version 
which has the closer focussing. I didn't, I found a very late ordinary type, 
the extra size would have been problematic in the camera bag when not on the 
camera, and still revel in using it.
All this hokum (is that a relative of bokeh?) about which lens is better 
than others, is far less important than getting out there and taking 
This is the Leica USER group after all isn't it?
Jem Kime