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Subject: Re: Filters
From: (BBAIN)
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 09:07:34 -0400

     Filters:  Yes, they do degrade the image to a degree, and even the 
     ubiquitous UV or Skylight filter alters the color of the light that 
     the film "sees" somewhat.  [NOMEX ON] Having said that, I use them on 
     my lenses because the cost of damaging the front element exceeds the 
     benefit of the unfiltered image for me. In cases where the 
     enviromental risk is small or non-existent, I'll go without them, but 
     otherwise, I can't afford not to use them for protection. [NOMEX OFF]. 
      Of course, if you need to correct color balance, or use a polarizer, 
     or whatever, the question is moot, since filters are typically the 
     only relatively convenient option if the shot can't be recomposed to 
     avoid the problem.
     I beleive that "Wetzlar" indicates that the lens was manufactured in 
     Germany.  Some Leica lenses were (and are?) manufactured in Canada.  
     My impression is that the German made lenses command a slight premium, 
     but my impression could be wrong.  There are many books with listing 
     of serial numbers for Leica lenses.  The Hove pocket guides have 
     tables in the back and are decent references for figuring ut what's 
     what.  My copies are a bit dated, since I haven't needed to buy lenses 
     in a while so other LUG'gers may be able to suggest more recent 

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Subject: Filters
Author:  Jack Gottlob <> at INTERNET

I recently acquired an M6 with a 50mm lens.  Does a filter placed on the 
lens degrade it's capabilities?  
I have also noticed "Wetzler" in some of the lens ads.  How do these 
lenses differ from other Leica lenses?
I'm going to have to complete the system with used lenses.  Would someone 
kindly recommend a book which will tell me how to read the serial numbers 
 to deturmine the age of the lens?