Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/21

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Subject: Re: Some thoughts on the R8 ...
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 21 Jul 97 19:10:06 EDT

Frank Kemper wrote;

<<I am very sorry, but all in all, you sound a little bit stupid to me.>>

Gee Frank, thanks for the compliment! I haven't been called that in a very long
time! :) Sure beats the hell out of being called a stupid son of a bitch, then
you would have really pissed me off and I'd have come over to Germany and kicked
your butt. :) Gently of course. :)

You have your opinion on photo magazines and it isn't relevent to me as a
Canadian whether there are a hundred or two photo magaizines in the Europe that
is going to absolutely do a totally devastating ripped down trash article on a
piece of photo equipment where there are major advertising dollars involved.

First of all no publisher would allow a staff person jepordize magazine revenue.
Publishers are not stupid!  You may consider me so, but like I said, hey I've
been called worse.

I've worked on many magazines and newspapers and it's no big deal having worked
for one. Phot or otherwise.

<<which make cameras in at least four digit production numbers - are
there in the US, by the way?)>>>>>>

Well like I said I'm a Canadian living in Victoria, Canada, so  it doesn't
concern me one iota.

<<FotoMagazin Tests are published all over europe as there are some licese
agreements with Italy, Czech Republic and other countries.>>>>

Thanks Frank, I didn't know that and the next time on assignment in any one of
those countries I'll be sure to look for magazines carrying the tests.

Have a nice day and don't take life and comment too seriously or your're blood
pressure could go up! :)

I can't respond for a few days as I'm outta here on a shoot in northern Canada.
hoeever f you have any other enlightening information please send it along good
buddy and I 'll get to it next wqeekend. :)