Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/20

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Subject: Re: Cam Question for R lenses
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 20 Jul 97 22:36:37 EDT

Richard wrote:

<<<Just when I thought I was about done with putting together a decent M system,
now I've got to start over with an R system.  I think Leica did this to me by
beaming microwaves at me from the Mir spacecraft.  How else would I have a
momentary lapse of reason and buy a Leica relfex camera?>>>>>

Richard it is fate! :)

There is an evil alien out there much like the cookie monster, only this is the
"Leica munster" who once a photographer is hooked on Leica, the Munster doesn't
let up it's grip until you have acquired  new and better and modified and the
next better lens, body whatever, until the house is mortgaged and the bank owns
your blood! :)

Now you have two hooks in you "M&R" and man you'll either go down fighting or
stay up and breathing by just resigning yourself that you  will from this day
forth be buying Leica gear forevermore! :)

Them's the Leica Munster's rules and the Munster don't like folks who break the
rules! :)  So now you have to promise to look in every camera store and look at
used and new gear until your last breath! :)  (or you are completely broke or
whichever comes first!) :)

Good luck with the SL, it's a fine camera and I hammered the hell out of several
with motors (that's in the days when they knew to have the motor ready when the
camera came out!) :)


PS:  (for what it's worth) Given the quality of the 100 macro I don't know why
you would need the 60. Unless you just want a shorter lens for situations where
the 100 is a bit long. However that can be corrected quickly just by a couple
steps back. Then you could put the money for buying the 60 into some other
expensive Leica toy. :)