Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/20

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Subject: Re: For your amusement only
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 20 Jul 97 22:36:31 EDT

Hendrik wrote:

<<<<I saw some of these cars at a local dealer last week. Only one has the red
LEICA botton on the left front door. Is this very rare? Looking under the hood
you could read: Powered by Leicavit. It seems to me the motor was
hamster-driven. Is there a titanium version available? And what about
collapsible mirrors? :-)) BTW: The connectors are for the 
policefinder-adjustment! Don't touch....>>>>>>>

Hey Padre, :)

How's it going?  haven't had a chat for sometime.

I'm surprised you saw the Leicacar with the red logo on the left front door, as
I understood it was supposed to be on the rear left fender. The version you saw
makes that one a major find as a collector!

<<<Powered by Leicavit. It seems to me the motor was 

You really have found a collector item! If the Leicavit was hampster driven,
where they the 6 hampster version or four? I heard rumours there was an R8
Special edition with a 16 Hampster Leicavit to handle the 36 valve motor, but
that the motor for the R8 wont be available until next year. :)

<<Is there a titanium version available>>>>>>

Not at this moment as the price of Gold will give them a better Mark return on
the "Leicar lll" and they are doing a "Gold Plated" model that comes with a pair
of gold plated M6's and the buyers choice of gold plated lenses or built in
autofocus if you wish. :)

<<< BTW: The connectors are for the policefinder-adjustment! Don't

Why those sneaky devils, as they told me the unused contacts were for the new
"Oxygen fuel enhancer" for the hampsters so they could run faster. :)  Better
kilometers to the hampster. :)

Thanks for the note on the Leicar, I'm sure we have now just moved it up a notch
and everyone will want the car in either black or silver.:)