Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/19

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Subject: Re: Some thoughts on the R8 ...
From: ted grant <75501.3002@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 19 Jul 97 18:41:21 EDT

Frank wrote:

<<<<You cannot compare a R8 with a F5 or a Eos 1N, as the Leica lacks auto focus
and an integrated motor drive. Why not compare it with the (older) Contax RTS
III. German magazine FotoMagazin has done so: The Contax won...>>>>>>

Frank me old son,

One should not judge the quality of a camera by standing at the display case of
a dealer! :)  

It is much like buying a car, would you buy a Mercedes or Porsche without trying
it on the road and surely you'd not just buy it without a roll or two before
making a comment good, bad or ugly! :)

It is more experimental to take the machine and use it for a while before making
such definitive statements for comparing. As lad, you'll find after using it,
there is no comparison to the R8! :)

The R8 stands head and shoulders above all others, motors or no!

I've used many a camera in my day beginning with a little Argus A2 until now the
R8, with a a couple more to come when they have motors for them, but I've not
used such a delightful machine in my 45 years of being a professional

I may sound a bit bias, but lad try one for real time on the road and maybe
you'll sing a wee bit of a different song. :)

You being a Leica M3 user and all,  it should behooving on your part to look
closely at the family Leica name and equipment before knocking it.:)

As far as the German magazine, what the hell do they know about cameras? It is
easy for any camera magazine to make comparisons, of which most comparisons are
made in relation to the dollar revenue derived from the various advertisements.
And to take any great value in what is posted in a magazine leaves one to a very
large question mark about their birth rights! :)

Have a nice weekend and if you can get you hands on an R8 have a a good shoot,
you maybe some what surprised by Monday morning! :)

ted  ( an R8 believer!) :)