Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/07/18

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Subject: Video vs. film (Re: Films, Photos and History)
From: Claes Bjerner <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 97 12:18:50 -0000

Harrison McClary wrote:
>Claes, since you have been there could you please explain to me why todays
>video shooters have to have the producer, or reporter tell them how to
>shoot?  Is it because of this trend of using untrained people to opperate
>the cameras.  My wife is a TV producer and I have been on several shoots
>with her and I have seen her have to spell out exactly how a shoot is =
>to go.  

I like your expression "video shooters". Let=B4s not call the new =
breed Photographers!

To find the best pictures and to choose the right angles was in past =
always the responsibilities of the photographers. But with video the =
operator tend to wait for instructions from their reporter or =

The new breed, who doesn=B4t doesn=B4t know what emulsion is, look at =
their work in a different light. The old school of film photographers =
were always reminded of the fact that the cost of film and processing =
took the biggest part of the production budget. And we soon figured =
out how much each second of shooting cost. And that knowledge made us =
a lot more conscientious in our filming. Todays video shooters keep =
wasting tapes and often end up with a 50:1 ratio. 

Compare that to the old newsreel photographers who had to get an =
edited news story out of one 100feet roll of film! 100 feet gave you =
2 minutes 30 seconds. With that amount of film they were expected to =
deliver a news piece of 2 minutes 30 seconds! Believe me, they had to =
plan every shot very well. They had to change angles and go from wide =
to close-ups (no zooms) and all the time count the seconds. The audio =
was recorded on the film(magnetic or optical). And the film would go =
from the lab straight to the movie theaters around the world. Those =
guys were truly photographers. Not just shooters!

There is a risk that still photography will go the same way with the =
new fully automatic cameras and the zoom lenses, who maybe soon will =
cover everything from extreme wide angles to super tele. With the new =
APS you don=B4t even have to touch the film at loading. Maybe you =
don=B4t even see the film? All you have to do with the new automatics =
is to point and shoot. But does that make you a photographer?

OK, back to the theme! Leica is truly a photographers camera. It=B4s =
the perfect tool for intellectual creativity. How I wish I had a =
video camera like the Leica!

Claes Bjerner