Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/04/23

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Subject: Impossible dream?
From: "Jeff Segawa" <>
Date: 23 Apr 97 08:57:04 -0700

What with all of the talk regarding sub-$800 mint minus M4-Ps, my interest
has been piqued: What's possible right now, and does anyone have some leads
to share? And what about pretty-but-broken cameras? I've never fixed a
Leica before, but if the price is right, I got the tools, service manuals,
other successful repairs under my belt, and plenty of confidence :-) In the
past few years, I have seen ONE person advertising an M4-P at $850, have
seen some heavily worn ones at around $800--but it sounds as if I should be
seeing better prices? What about the M4-2? Looking to essentially to swap
(maybe not to the same folks) my chrome M4 for a black Canadian model plus
some cash or needed darkroom gear, (like 50 and 80mm lenses, B760XL neg
carriers for 35 & 6x4.5, etc), if possible-that might be the best of all
possible worlds as far as I'm concerned-having my Leica AND my cash :-) And
though it may be heresy to speak of, I may not be adverse to a Contax G
trade + cash (or lens) either.

Would also be most intersted in similar sorts of deals for a black, 35 or
50 Summicron plus cash,  in exchange for my current M-  black 50/2.8 Elmar.
Don't want lenses that are too old though.

Oh, by the way, the cash price for my M4 is now $995, or $445 if cash is
accompanied by a nice Gitzo 1228, and a somewhat less if THAT is
accompanied by an Arca B-1 :-) Am I imagining things, or is the whole world
looking for these two items right now...