Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/04/22

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Subject: Re: Re: Leica reflex lenses
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 11:27:44 -0700

At 07:42 AM 4/22/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Jim Brick wrote:
>> You may use any Leicaflex or Leica R lens on any reflex body without
>worry of damaging your camera or lens. 
>This is not entirely true.  For example current  Extender-R 2x will not
>mate with any Leicaflex, nor will the Vario-Elmar f/4.5 mate with anything
>earlier than the SL2.
>John Barnabas
>  TEL: 602/966-8025  FAX: 602/966-8026

Thanks John,

The following is the way I understand it works:

The Extender-R 2x (11237) is the extender for the Leicaflex SL/SL2. Will
work on the Leica-R but metering must be done at working aperture. Will fit
the Leicaflex std but completely manual mode.

The Extender-R 2x (11236) is the extender for the Leica-R. Blocked from
mounting on any Leicaflex.

The 75-200 Vario-Elmar f4.5 will indeed work on the Leicaflex SL which is
earlier than the SL2. Work means meter and auto diaphragm. Unless you have
specific experience to the contrary, it should also fit the Leicaflex std
but must be used manually.

Actually, those lenses that would cause damage on any older Leicaflex have
a limiting block so that they cannot be mounted on the camera. The
Vario-Elmar is not a blocked lens. If you put, for instance, a 90mm f2.8
Elmarit-R on any Leicaflex, you'll have to use it completely manually. You
can have this and some other limited R-lenses converted for use on older
Leicaflex cameras. The conversion is so the auto-diaphragm and meter
(SL/SL2) will work.

You cannot damage your Leicaflex by mounting any reflex lens. Those that
COULD HAVE caused damage are blocked from mounting.

In summary, pick-up ANY reflex lens and try to mount it on your reflex
camera. If it does mount, you can take pictures through it without damaging
your camera. Depending on the particular lens and the particular camera
body, the auto functions may or may not work.

This is basically what Leica preaches. If anyone has "ACTUAL EXPERIENCE"
contrary to what I've just said, I, and I'm sure other people, would indeed
like to hear about it.