Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/04/21

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Subject: Re: Advice sought
From: "Jeff Segawa" <>
Date: 21 Apr 97 13:27:57 -0700

On Sun, Apr 20, 1997 6:01 PM, Marc James Small wrote: 
>At 12:40 PM 4/20/97 -0700, Jeff Segawa wrote:
 Had hoped to achieve these ends with
>>some judicious buying and selling of systems (hanging onto just a choice
>>bit here and there) but obviously, someone else is beating me to these
>>things! And for those of you who ARE good at this sort of thing, does it
>>take you weeks, or even months, to recover your investment, and do you
>>to really work your butt off in order to do it?
>It actually DOES take years to do this.  I have a couple of lenses for
>I've been hawking for more than a year now.
>A sound user IIIc w/Summitar, though, can easily be had for under $400.

Two YEARS!!? Ouch, clearly I don't have what it takes to get into that
business for a profit-here I get bored and restless after two DAYS. And
what with spring greenery ((or summer thundershowers, autumn leaves, winter
snows, etc!) finally making it's appearance, I doubt that I want to give up
too many weekends outdoors with the cameras.

Depending on how I make out lightening the cost of my Leica inventory, I
may want to look into that IIIc. Even better would be a broken M, but I
don't see those around. Maybe worth learning to fix rangefinders and such
if the price is right. I mean, if someone were to offer me an M2 with
totally de-silvered mirror cheap, who would I be to argue? I did once have
a IIIc which had been given to me by a collector. It had almost no
rangefinder image to speak of, no slow speeds and, worst of all, someone
had attempted to remove the viewfinder windows with a common set of pliers,
mashing the rings, stripping out the holes and leaving concentric streaks
in the chrome. What a mess! But today, perhaps I could've resilvered,
rethreaded and de-gummed the thing. Too bad the concept of "eye relief" was
unknown back then!