Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/04/20

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Subject: Re: The ethics of reselling
From: "Elliot M. Puritz, MD" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 20:04:57 +0000

Jeff Segawa wrote:
> For those who are into such things, how do YOU describe gear that you are
> selling, sight unseen, to others? Put another way, how much info do you
> feel you need to disclose, and is it possible to go too far? I'm having a
> tough time reselling gear in the same upbeat, optimistic way that it was
> sold to me. Most annoying have been sellers who are tight-lipped about
> specifics, unless asked, and who then give only the exact info needed, no
> more. Others are evasive, simply sidestepping the issues. Both types seem
> to rely on some sort of refund policy, but regardless, it'd still leave me
> in the hole $60+ due to shipping costs, so I've tended to be very annoyed
> at these folks, but haven't returned much-maybe I should've?
> Common catchphrases, and their usual meanings:
> Common Saying                                    Common Meaning
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> Seems to be working                             It's broken
> Seller told me it worked                       It's broken
> I haven't tested it                                   It's broken
> It was working last time I tried it 1966!
> It's really gorgeous                                 It's really broken
> In original box                                         The box is original
> Never used                                              Never worked
> Tiny ding                                                  One of many
> I am a collector                                        How can you tell if
> it's broken?
> Just serviced                                             ...Again!
> They're all like that                                It's broken, and I
> already spent your money
> This is no BS                                            This is BS
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> To those who strive for accuracy, thank you!


I agree that it is almost impossible to get honest information about used 
cameras over the net.  Seems to me that the best course is to only buy what 
you can hold in your hand before laying out the dollars.