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Subject: Re: CL v M serries
From: "Jacques Bilinski" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 18:17:26 -0700

How about the Minolta CLE?  Does it use an old Cds cell which is prone to
deterioration, or a newer type.  What type of battery does the CLE use?

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> From: Danny Gonzalez <dannyg1@IDT.NET>
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> Subject: Re: CL v M serries
> Date: April 15, 1997 1:32 AM
> The CL is a very small, manually metered (ala M5 via semophore arm;
> the needle opeation. Shutter speed viible in finder. Focal length
> on individual frames) camera that takes most M lenses. It is a great
> camera but doesn't enjoy a good reputation for durability or reliability
> (as compared to an M6. It is fairly reliable though not at all durable).
> The meter cell is an old Cds cell that is powered by the USA defunct
> mercury battery. If original, the cell is around 20 years old and is at
> end of its useful operational life. A dying cell gives non-linear
> and must be replaced to restore linearity.
> The most noticable differences from a full sized M camera are the smaller
> baseline, darker viewfinder and the tiny rangefinder patch. These are
> compromise elements tha are inherent to smaller bodies and though they
> disadvantageous, they do not render the camera 'hard' to use.
> Two variations of the body were sold: The Leica CL and the identical but
> differently badged Leitz/Minolta CL. The Minolta version can be found for
> less money.
> The camera was sold with two companion lenses: the 90/4 Elmar-c/German
> Rokkor (not to be confused with the CLE Rokkor) and the 40/2
> Summicron/Rokkor CL (not to be confused with the CLE Rokkor). both are
> excellent; the 90 German Rokkor is a better lens than my 90/2.8
> Tele-Elmarit (on my M6).
> The cameras are very useful and I'd recommend one to my best friends.
> >Please enlightem me.  What are the main differences in the CL and M
> >serries.  No need for major indepth technicl differences, I am mainly
> >interested in differences in the usability of the two cameras. I am
> >to get a simple rangefinder system with a 35 and a 90 lens.  I mostly
> >SLR so I just want something to play with more or less, but has the
> >glass.
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> >Thanks,
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> >Harrison McClary
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