Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/04/05

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Subject: May I introduce myself
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 1997 09:20:11 +0200


I just had to realize by a private mail from Will (he pointed out, that in the
comparison of the M6 and Contax G2 they were tested wide open), that I never
introduced myself to this group.

I live in northern Germany , some 600 km north of Solms. I am not a
professional, in the contrary: I sometimes think that I am a very poor

The first film I did with a leica was with the leica from my grandfather
during a visit in the USA, when I was some 14 years old. 
Than leica vanished for many years from my view just to turn back in the shape
of a Noctilux, which I really HAD TO BUY, although I did'nt have a camera to
connect it to. It still took a while until I could afford an M6.

My equipment now is 
f2.8/90 Tele-Elmarit
Viso 2
From an episcope lens self made (and not very good) f3.5/800 to get Hale-Bopp 

Dark room:
V35 color being only used B&W until now.