Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1997/03/03

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Subject: Re: Lens Cap Restore
From: Arnold Don Abravanel <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 04:02:47 GMT

At 08:27 AM 2/25/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Arnold Don Abravanel wrote:
>> Has anyone got a way of invigorating the felt on the inside the lens cap.
>> What do you do to restore when they start getting loose.
>> Arnold
>I've restored a few by buying a bit of knit (it doesn't unravel) velvet 
>at a typical fabric store (picking a color is fun).  Then backing the 
>fabric with a coating that will serve as a gluing surface, so the coming 
>glue doesn't absorb, thereby stiffening the velvet nap.  I used gesso 
>(spelling?) that painters use to 'size' their canvases.  Use the old 
>velvet for a template, cut a new strip of the prepared fabric & make 
>sure it fits with no overlap.  Prepare the inside surface of the lens 
>cap with sandpaper.  I then used contact cement on both the fabric and 
>the lens cap, waited the appropriate time and carefully put the new 
>velvet in place.  I liked the contact cement because you can clean off 
>any excess.  There is a tiny bit of rollover at the open end of the 
>cap you can use as a guide.  You'll see this when you get the old fabric 
>off.  Have solvent nearby as its easier to clean when fresh. Also, use a 
>disposable little brush for 'painting' the glue to the inside lip of the 
>cap - neatness counts for a satisfying, pro job.
>good luck, its great to not worry about a cap coming off and rolling 
>down a hill or into a sewer!
>steven blutter
I must admit I did not have roll down a sewer, but I had one drop off at a
fair. When I discovered that it was lost, I started searching, but I did
find it. It seemed liked it was walked by the fat lady of the circus. Since
then I always worry about another dropping off.