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Subject: Re: Shutter speed checker
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 1996 10:07:25 -0500

In a message dated 12/17/96 11:06:15 PM, wrote:

>     Some time ago somebody said Calumet had a shutter speed checker for a 
>     reasonable price.  I would appreciate Calumet's number with a more 
>     detailed info of the checker.
>     Thanks.
>     David

Hi David,
	I bought one of the shutter testers from Calumet about a year ago. It costs
about $70 and works pretty well. It is a small (about the size of a pack of
cigs) device with a photosensor and liquid crystal display. Basically, you
point the camera at a light bulb, holding the tester behind the shutter and
aiming through the lens. You trip the shutter and the device measures the
time between when light first hits the sensor and when it goes dark and
displays that value to something like four or five decimal places. You need
to take maybe three measurements for each shutter speed, average the values
obtained and then calculate the reciprocal to get the fractional value of a
second. It takes longer to explain than to actually make the measurement.
	Of course, for the IIIf, you (or someone) will need to remove the body of
the camera so that you can point the tester through the lens. I used my
tester on a IIIc and had no problem with this. On that camera, the body is
held on by several small screws that were easy to remove. The IIIf may be
	Calumet is at 890 Supreme Dr., Bensenville IL 60106-1181 (800-225-8638 or
	Good Luck!

Corey Levenson
San Antonio TX