Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/11/22

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Subject: Re: OK, the results
From: "Don Bledsoe" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 19:31:02 -0700

> From: Charles E. Dunlap 
> I'm sorry to see you go, Roger. You've made useful contributions, but if
> all you can see in Oddmund's posts is a political viewpoint different
> your own then perhaps your leaving is for the best. 

I disagree completely!  Politics have no place in a forum like this.  We
are here to share common experiences with a particular brand of camera, not
be subjected to a political discourse.  I can perfectly understand Roger's
disgust with it.  We get enough of that crap from the media,
"nongovernmental organizations," and a multitude of other dorks.        

> These things creep into various posts and we'd do best
> to let them go if we don't agree personally.

No we wouldn't.  We should shout it out that they have no place here! 
Letting them go is not the answer and will only exacerbate the problem.   

It makes me quite angry to see Roger go.  In the short time I have been on
the list his posts have been witty, insightful, a nice contribution.  It
makes me angry because he should not be going due to someone else's
inability to leave politics out of discussions.  Discussions on a forum
where a common interest is shared that should be apolitical.