Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/11/22

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Subject: Off topic -press delete!
From: "Hans Pahlen" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 01:12:19 +0100

I really did not mean to be rude to ANY American. This is very off topic,
so I will make it short:
What I meant with "different culture" was that I think Europeans have a
more social-liberal political tradition, and that we are more used to tha=
kind of terminology. But I do not approve of anyone calling you guys
"imperialists", that=B4s for sure!

I am really sorry if I have offended anyone by my mailing.

And yes Marc, all my Rollei mails will go to the Rollei list from now on.=
I will of course hang on to LUG too, as I am a Leica M-user since many
years, and have learnt a lot from this list.

Regards Hans

- - - - - - -=20

>PS Don=B4t bother about some people on the LUG. Most Americans are real =
>and friendly, but they come of course from a very different culture...
Hans, I love your web page.Cannot wait to see your new photos.


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