Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/10/12

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Subject: Re: G-Hologon to fit Leica M (was Price of Zeiss Hologon)
From: Tay Shyan <>
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 1996 13:13:00 +0800

At 09:35 AM 10/12/96 +0200, you wrote:
>Tay Shyan wrote:
>> Can we convert the Zeiss G-Hologon to fit Leica-M?
>> Not heard of it...maybe you can shed some light.
>> Thanks
>Yes it's really possible. I attended this year's Photokina last month.
>I've seen two Leica's on display fitted with a Contax G-Hologon lens. 
>Conversion to Leica M isn't cheap and can even be reversed back to 
>Contax G.
>A German firm does the conversion for DM 1790,- (German Marks), you'll 
>have bring in your own Contax G-Hologon though. It's also possible to 
>order the G-Hologon plus the conversion. (In their catalog the G-Hologon 
>is listed for DM 4798,-)
>Note: Lenses are converted by special order only, no serial production. 
>Not to be used with Leica M5 or Leica CL. No TTL exposure measurement 
>with an M6. Bear in mind the G-Hologon isn't widely available, you could 
>be in for a long wait.
>Foto Schaja
>Maximillianstrasse 32
>80539 München (Munich, Germany)
>Tel. 0 89 / 29 16 24 83
>Fax. 0 89 / 29 25 06

Anyone have the contact for the German firm who does the conversion?
I am interested to know the performance of Zeiss Hologon lenses (both version)
Can anyone help me with a test reports?

Also any user out there with experience with Russar 20mmf8?


Best regards,