Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/10/12

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Subject: zone system
From: "jose luis gonzalez" <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 1996 09:18:34 +0000

Which developer(s) do you favor to bring out the best in these films?
> Mike Gardner
I have only used Delta 400, and find it the best all purpose film of all
I know. I rate it a 100 ISO and develop in Kodak H C 110 diluted 1:60
from concentrated. I develop using a rotary tube processor. First I wwt
the film for 5 min. then develop at high rotation rate at 20 C for 9
min. What I get is a negative with a really long tonal scale that can
handle nearly any subject. At printing stage I use Multigrade paper in
order to get the print that I have in mind. This allows me a partial
aplication of the zone system principles.As Mr Dunlap stated in his post
even Adams used this technique  in his 35 mm photography. Zone system
was intended for any kind of film format, its use improves our method of
work, visual awareness and above all our printed results. I highly
recommend the study of the system to all of you that love b&w
photography.Ill gladly share my experience with it with anyone
Jose Luis Gonzalez

There is a web site dedicated to Zone system: