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Subject: Re: Leica CL Addendum
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 10:07:08 -0400

At 04:42  29/09/96, you wrote:
>In <>, on 09/29/96 at 09:44 AM,
> said:
>>Question: How many in this group use either a CL or M5 regularly. I'd
>>like to get a 'feel' considering these 2 cameras are somewhat less than
>>well thought of by many Leicaphiles. Please indicate which 1 you use and
>>maybe accessories.
>>David J. Levy
>If this is a poll are you only wanting CL or M5 responses?  Anyway, I
>don't use either.  Of the two the M5 would be more interesting to me since
>it takes more lenses.

Yes, it is a poll to find out how many on the group regularly use these
cameras. I am not attempting to determine which would be better for me to
acquire, since I am a regular CL user. These cameras are not in the Leica
mainstream (so to speak), and with production having been limited to some
27,000 M5s and I don't know how many Leica CL (as opposed to Minolta CL and
CLE production), I am curious to see how much interest there is in these
cameras with their unique challenges such as lens compatability, visoflex
use, etc.
Brian Levy, J.D.
Toronto, Ont.

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