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Subject: Re: Pradovit P-2002 projector
From: (Bill)
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 23:46:36 -0700

You wrote: 
>Well after 6 weeks it finally made it from Germany.  Actually the 
>only took 4 weeks from Solms and the slide trays 2 extra weeks, in 
>from N.J.!!!
>I have shot Kodachrome 64 in the M6 and EliteII 100 (given to me) in 
the R7,
>which allowed me to try out the new (to me) film and the difference in 
>mounts, cardboard for K64 and Pakon plastic mounts for the EliteII.  I 
>the Super Colorplan FF 90/2.8 lens.
>Heretofore, I had been using a Kodak Ektagraph III with an older 
>CF lens.  I had a Leica RT-300 which I gave away as it had severe 
>With the Ektagraph I could use the older CF lens or a Golden Navitar 
>FF.  I found neither satisfactory with the cardboard mount or the 
>mounts, although the Navitar worked fairly well with the Pakon mounts.
>After using the  2002 and super colorplan: Superior projector and 
>Autofocus was right on and quick.  Interestingly, the FF super 
colorplan did
>a better job with both the cardboard mounts and the Pakon mounts than 
>of the above lens with the Ektagraph. The Pakon was a little better 
>the entire slide than the cardboard mounts which showed slight unfocus 
>the edges. I'm astounded.  If I decided to stay with the K64, I 
thought I
>might have to have it processed and returned unmounted and mount them 
>Pakon mounts.  I like glass - but it is way too expensive for me.
>It looks like either of the mounts will be satisfactory, although I 
>have to look at a lot of my old slides before I make up my mind fully 
on this.
>On the light table the EliteII looks a little more "normal" in 
coloring than
>does the K-64.  Actually, the EliteII 100 is somewhat warm and the the 
>seems to have a greenish cast.  Upon projection, the EliteII was 
warmer than
>I like and the K-64 pretty close to what I like (all subjective).  The 
>was sharper than the Elite II/100, although I used a 35mm/f.20 (new) 
on the
>M6 and the 28-70 (at about 35mm) on the R7.
>For the forseeable future I will probably use K-64 in cardboard 
mounts.  I
>don't print any more and my wife has an eye problem and can see 
>slides much better than prints.  Also don't have room for any more 16 
x 20
>One of the reasons for the ability of the 2002 to project the slides 
>from edge to edge than the Ektagrpah may be the gate temperatue.  The
>Ektagraph runs about 160-170 F. and the 2002 about 90 F.
>Cons about the 2002: Can't use a stack loader, have to change to 
>slide trays.  I am in the process of doing the later with about 8000 
>and makeing slide labels and a data base on the computer. At the rate 
I am
>going it will take about 2-4 years!
>On other thing, I also bought a Colorplan-P CF lens 90mm/2.8 which I 
>I would need for the cardboard mounts - so far I haven't had in out of 
>box to use.
>Sorry I've run so long, but I received a number of replies when I 
>about various slide mounts and thought this would be the best way to 
>my experience, so far, with the Pradovit P-2002.
>Dick Hemingway
>Norman, OK
Hello Dick,

Very interesting post.

Just for the heck of it, why not try a roll or AGFA RSX50 & RSX100l pro 
slide films and see what you think of the colors.

Bill Erfurth
EVergreen, CO  US

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