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Subject: Re: TMAX 100 etc.
From: "Michael L. Gardner" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 14:25:20 -0400
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Very interesting to hear B&W film developer experiences.  I work
extensively with B&W in 35mm, 120, and 4X5.  Developing times and
suitable film developer combinations can definitely be influenced by the
qualities of one's water supply especially mineral content.  Another
factor that varies from person to person is your agitation technique. 
This can have an important effect on grain and degree of contrast for a
given development time. Another factor often overlooked are the
qualities of the glass in the lens used for picture taking.  I find I
have to adjust my developing times to maintain a desired level of
negative contrast depending whether I have used a Leica or a N---n. As
this is a Leica discussion I'll assume that the previous comments on
film and developers were in reference to 35mm.  In support of previous
comments, I have never gotten gratifiying results with TMY400-135 with
any developer.  Specifically, with my R6 or M6,
I have gotten excellent results with Tri-X developed in ILford ID-11,
1:1 at 68 degrees F., Agfa 100 developed in Rodinal 1:25, and TMAX100 in
ID-11, 1:1.  At 11X14 inch enlargement, the TMAX was very close to 2 1/4
quality with quite a nice range of tonalities.  As I am sure everybody
is aware by now, you need to be careful not to overdevelop TMAX with any
developer as the highlights can block up rather quickly. I
wholeheartedly agree with the comments on HP5+.  I recently completed a
photo trip on which I used HP5+ extensively and so far the results are
very rewarding.Although I have never used TMAX developer in the manner
described by Eric Welch, I have yet to find a suitable use for it with
any of the more conventional films. If I may be permitted to slide
off-topic, I have done very well with TMY400 in 120 format with both
HC110 dil B and Ilford ID-11;  if any one wants any info on that feel
free to e-mail me directly.
Michael Gardner

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