Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/08/19

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To: Leica-users <>
Subject: 20mm Russar
From: Thomas Pindelski <>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 96 10:28:00 PDT
Encoding: 36 TEXT

Finally found my screw-bayonet adapter and installed on the Russar for use 
on my M3.  Here are some comments on ergonomics:

1 - The focusing mark comes to rest at 1:30 viewed from the front. Minor 
2 - The viefinder overlaps the shutter speed dial so you have to squint at 
an angle to determine the speed set.
3 - It's very compact and light, just a joy to carry around, but you lose 
the coupled meter.
4 - Parallax adjustment on the v/f is a bit fiddly - as you have to push in 
the lower front edge to get the v/f to tilt for shorter distances, you find 
yourself pushing the v/f out of the accessory shoe. Care! Shoe is tight 
enough fit otherwise in my M3 which uses the nicely engineered sprung 
holders rather than leaf springs.
5 - The focus ring has too fine a pitch - much rotating needed to get from 
infinity to 1m, but a minor point given the large depth of field. No r/f 
coupling, but you don't need it.
6 - You really have to get your eye pressed up hard against the v/f to get 
the whole field of view, especially for eyeglass wearers (like me). Rear 
ocular is rectangular with no obvious ways of attaching eyesight correction 
7 - Rear ring used to grip and remove the lens is small, but you get used to 
it. Red dot on Leitz bayonet adapter is hard to see - not the lens's fault.
8 - I'll need a Super Angulon rear lens cap if the bayonet adapter is to 
remain in place, to cover the protruding element. The OEM one is, of course, 
screw mount.
9 - The front element is well recessed - no marks on it after riding arund 
the streets on my bicylce and generally maltreating it.

Results soon.

The rear element protrudes 0.66" from the flange, if any TTL Leica users 
need to know this. Does this allow its use on M5/CL/M6?