Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/08/02

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To: owner-leica-users <>
Subject: Re: M meters and quality generally
From: Thomas Pindelski <>
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 96 15:39:00 PDT
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Who is Neils Thorsen? Is he paid by Leica? Are you?

From: owner-leica-users
To: leica-users
Subject: Re: M meters and quality generally
Date: Friday, August 02, 1996 4:39PM

Methinks Thomas has some difficulties with the quality of Leica.

Friend, if you don't like Leica quality, don't buy it.  Simply put.  I use a
P150 projector -- it's the best one on the market for the money.  I have
used a lot of MR meters and never found them, as you do, inferior.  I can't
comment on the Angenieux SL lenses, as I never have owned one, but I
certainly found the Angenieux lenses for the LTM system quite satisfactory. 

Leica is intensely conscious of their reputation for quality -- call Neils
Thorsen and speak with him about it.  They are not going to market a
product, nor did they twenty-five years ago, which is going to challenge
that reputation.   When they DO produce an inferior product, they fix it
ASAP.   The MR meter was in the Leica catalogue for more than two decades,
and that indicates that the mavens of Wetzlar, at least, were satisfied that
it fit the system well.  I agree with them.

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