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Subject: Re: Adv: Is Your Web Site A Secret?...
From: Willem-Jan Markerink <w.j.markerink@a1.NL>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 23:14:39 +0000
Comments: Authenticated sender is <>
Priority: normal

On 23 Jun 96 at 9:17, Chuck Warman wrote:

> Does anyone know if a Majordomo server can be programmed to intercept and
> kill this kind of stuff?   Brian?

I have been pondering about that too.
*A* solution, triggered by the fact that I recently started a 
mailinglist myself on IR photography, and am currently the 'backup' 
EOS listowner, is comparing the subscriptions between the various 
photo lists. If one new name shows up on almost all lists, you bet 
we are heading for a spam. But linking all subscription sofware 
belongs to Utopia, I am afraid....:-((
Another slick solution, one that I can not perform/automate on my listproc 
system, is sending an verification message back to the 
subscriber-wannabee. I recently encountered this with the organized 
Listserv system, covering thousands of lists, with its own search 
engine on list subject. I had to verify my address, by sending back a 
specific command. It may be related to verifying the correct address, but it 
also prevents mass subscriptions. Remember, one *can* perform mass 
subscriptions, but not with a subsequent veryification process. Too 
much trouble for the offender!
Filtering on message size could also prevent some of the worst 
spamming, but neither would it have prevented the message at hand, 
nor do I think that this can easy be incorporated in common list least not in listproc AFAIK.


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