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Subject: Re: Best light meter?
From: (Brad K.)
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 14:27:00 PST
Organization: Exec-PC Internet
References: <>

I have an excellent light meter for sale.  The Gossen Luna Pro.  I have left 
the photographic hobby and I am asking $100 /obo.  Let me know.

In article <>, you say...
>I am a novice photographer and proud owner of a Leica M3.  This
>camera came with the Leica MC lightmeter ... which I think is now
>suffering severe brain damage.
>I would like to pick up a new one and am wondering if there's a good
>one I can click on to my M3 ... or if there's a good one that you folks
>in the feild use that would fit my needs (eg., about $100) well.  I have
>no particular attachment to the MC meter and would much rather have
>something that helps me get good photos.
>I say my MC meter has brain damage as I did a test and shot duplicate
>photos with it vs. my Argus C-1.  The MC meter gave low readings when on
>"black" and high readings when on "red" ... resulting in over and under
>exposed pictures if shot according to its suggested speed/fstop.
>Thanks ... please reply via email if possible as I don't always get issues
>of the Leica digest / read p.e.m that frequently,
>Dave Topper (me)
>Student of:  Life, Computer Music and Art.
>(email responses always preferred)

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