Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/06/07

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Subject: Keeble & Schuchat -- juvenile jokes
From: (Patrick Sobalvarro)
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996 19:33:26 -0400

You know, whenever I think of Keeble & Schuchat these days I have to
laugh, and it isn't because there's anything wrong with them... I like
the people there, and they've always been nice to me and I've bought a
fair deal of stuff from them.  My only complaint is that they're
expensive, but that's also true of W. B. Hunt out here in Melrose, MA,
where I often go.

Anyway, the reason that I laugh when I think of K&S is rather
juvenile.  I was in Palo Alto last summer when I sent mail to the list
requesting advice about buying an inexpensive second body to add to my
R system.  I mentioned that K&S had an R4S for $675, and somebody on
the list (I don't remember whom) sent me mail saying, "I'm not
surprised that Keep It & Shove It are charging so much for an R4S, but
you can get one for a better price..." or something like that.  Since
then, for no very good reason except that it struck me as funny, I've
always thought of Keeble & Schuchat as "Keep It & Shove It", even
though, as I said above, they've always been perfectly pleasant and
helpful to me.

By the way, has anyone else on the list had trouble with a Leica P150
slide projector?  My wife bought me one of these a year ago from K&S,
and the focusing motor appears to have gone out.  Doesn't do the
little autofocus thing after the slide pops, and doesn't react to the
focus button on the remote control.  I believe it's still under
warranty, although I'm not 100% sure.  If it is, I'll be taking it
back to K&S pretty soon (we're moving to the Palo Alto area in two

-Patrick Sobalvarro