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To: Wolfgang Sachse <>
Subject: Re: What is K&S? (Re: Sale at K&S)
From: Tom Hodge <>
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 23:19:43 -0400 (EDT)


> 	Hi Group -
> 	Count your blessings.
> 	I'm now in Slovenia and running out of my favorite
> 	films! When I get back to Ithaca, NY (which is
> 	centrally isolated)

Wolfgang, until you see the village I live in, you have absolutely no idea
what "centrally isolated" means.  I've been to Ithaca and it's at least
got a downtown.  Here....I can buy a bale of hay and pay my utility bills
at city hall right next door to each other.  Seriously, the biggest shop
in "downtown" Conelius, NC (pop. 1,236 before the last wave of annexations
over by the lake) was the Maytag repairman.  There are no stores in town
that even sell B&W film.  Not a %&&$$& roll!  ANY 120 film at all means a
drive into Charlotte (NC), 45 minutes away and even they they look at me
like I'm asking for free money or something when I want 120 film. 

The selection is so limited, I'm actually thinking of selling my Mamiya 
645.  Print processing is hopeless.  I'll bet Wegman's does a lot better 
job that the former Burger King employee over at the local Eckerd's and 
his baffling Noritsu.  Put it on AUTO and just push the button.  Wow!  
What quality!  

Slide film processing takes a week to 10 days, even E-6.  There's a local
jerk 1 hour shop that has already ripped the sprocket holes and the edges
of quite a few rolls so he's off my list. 

> the best we can do is the 1-hr photo shop in Wegman's Super Market. 
> (Honest, I asked two pro's in town, and they use it!) But as to seeing
> nice photo equipment, forget it here or there.

Wolfgang,  Charlotte has no Leica dealers, new or used.  Raleigh has one 
with a red circle in the window but no equipment.  Atlanta - 250 miles 
away - is the closest.


Tom Hodge

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