Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/05/29

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Subject: Re: Lens Cleaning
From: David Young <>
Date: Wed, 29 May 96 09:11 PDT

At 09:33 PM 28/05/96 +0300, you wrote:
>I asked from local camera and optics repair shop,
>how to clean a lens. There I was told the way they
>they do it at the shop. They use three ingredients:
> - highly refined petroleum spirit,
> - wads of cotton and
> - pressurizer air (from aerosol can).
>Pasi Ohtonen

Several years ago, I bought my 90mm Sumicron from a Seattle Wash. dealer, at
a VERY good price, because it had a front element smudge that they could not
remove.  I tried lens tissues, the system above, in fact everything I could
think of.  Nothing worked.

Then on a whim, I bought one of those (then new) "magic" micro-fibre
cleaning cloths that you use dry.  I breathed on the lens and gave it a
gentle wipe.  The smudge was gone! My cloth was from Pentax, but they're all
over under various names. Sizes & prices vary.  Best $10 I ever spent!

Side benefit: no risk of any liquid seeping into the lens' interior. And
when the cloth is dirty, you throw it in the wash!

David Young: