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Subject: Re: Help on Leica #5000
From: Willem-Jan Markerink <w.j.markerink@a1.NL>
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 12:41:41 +0000
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Organization: A1 Internet Twente
Priority: normal

On 27 May 96 at 16:26, Michael wrote about "Re: Help on Leica #5000":

> Tom, and all those other cynics on this list,
>         I have a friend who bought it last week.  It is the genuine Leica
> I, with an Elmar 3.5 lens.  Tom I suggest you "cut the crap" with me and
> get serious...
>         Anybody else have anything worth hearing over this I am dieing to hear!

>From McKeowns: made between 1926 and 1930, serial numbers 

truly mint = $2000 
super clean = $1200 
average  = $600. 

truly mint = $1000
near mint = $650
average = $200-300

[The Leica I was the first commercially produced Leica model, and the 
first mass produced 35mm camera of high quality. These facts make the 
Leica I a highly sought camera among not only Leica collectors, but 
general camera colletctors also. Black enameled body. 
Non-interchangeable 50mm lenses in collapsible mount with helical 
focus. "Hockey stick" lens lock on the front of the body is the most 
obvious identification feature.]

Never seen Russian forgeries with this kind of serial numbers (only 
Leica III's with 6 or 7 digits I believe, so it sounds real.


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