Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/05/19

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Subject: Re: Leica Desires
From: (John Irvin Buford)
Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 15:56:05 -0700

You wrote: 
>I am also interested in doing lens tests of Leica lenses. I have 
>evaluated several different lens test systems (Modern Photo 1968 USAF, 

>Edmund Sci Co, a third proprietary chart [can't remember name]) and 
>Rochester Institute of Technology alphanumeric charts. The RIT system 
>seems far and away the best to me, since the give you a ruler to 
>precise reduction ratios (instead of vague lens-target distance) and 
>have low, medium and high contrast targets. Any one else interested?
>Michael Volow, M.D. (
>Department of Psychiatry, Durham VA Medical Center, Durham, NC
>919 286 0411 Ext 6933
As a person that is trained as a scientist.  You may want to qunatify, 
your photographic experience.  But, in reality I can probably save you 
a lot of time.  Leica Lens as a general rule test poorly.  In 
comparsion to the other other major manufacturers.  What you have to do 
is to take pictures and see with the different lens and see what you 
really like.  Leica lens are designed to reproduce a scene while 
maintaining, the proper contrast ratios.  While other lens are designed 
to reproduce charts and graphs, Leica's tend to photograph life , the 
way it's supposed to look.

John N3BVH