Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1996/02/27

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Subject: Streetcrime in Prague and bargain Ms in NY
From: (Kocman Milos 2/95)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 02:17:07 GMT

-- sorry itUs taken me so long to respond, I sent my post to leica-users@.. 
instead of leica-request --
Thanks to all that have responded to my query. I now reckon to be able to get  
an M Leica with a 35/2 lens in the price range of 1200 - 1500 dollars. (Godfrey 
even suggested a possible total price of 900 dollars, but otherwise your 
estimates have been higher). If I get a good deal. Unless I get a steal.. 
Great that I now don't have to convince myself that I need all the automation of
the Hexar all over again. I have one more question which hopefully can be 
answered with a simple pointer to a FAQ - where to look for quirks in an old M 
camera, what usually goes wrong, etc.. There shouldn't be so much.

To get back to Prague. Yes, I am Czech, born here and lived here. Pickpocketing 
is a problem here, more so for the tourists, but (almost) no muggings and up. 
Just put your stuff somewhere where no one can reach it without you knowing in 
advance and stick to your cameras. Actually they are expensive on the used 
market, so I reckon that not so many are stolen. Otherwise the country is very 
foreigner-friendly, everyone seems to want to learn English and potential 
girlfriends abound.. There is a large (about 20 000 by some estimates) number of
usually younger Americans here,  in some bars that's all you hear... English. 
So, once again, keep coming.

A last paragraph about the Leica market here. Impossible to see a M Leica for 
sale here, there is just no market besides occassional offers at or above german
prices in private ads. It is a lot different with the pre-war cameras. This used
to be rich country, after all, so many an old grandmother sheds her pa's old 
Leica nowadays.. I don't have much expertise in old Leica models, most of the 
offer is in Leica III's and a few older ones, without the rangefinder. Not many 
lenses available, most cameras come with a 50/2 lens. Most of them sell for 
about 400 dollars body and lens, the older models cost double that amount.

As I said, I will be in New York in the beginning of March. -- actually I will 
arrive on March 3 and stay for one week --

Thanks again for your helpful comments,


Milos Kocman  / Prague  /  /  (422) 62 77 666