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To: (Leica Newsgroup)
Subject: Re: M6 Suggestion Box...
From: (Charles E. Dunlap)
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 1996 13:44:55 -0800

Let's see:

The new camera should:

1) cost 50% less

2) have an adjustable diopter (or some accomodation) for eyeglass wearers

3) have TTL flash

4) get rid of that flapping back panel (perhaps with easier film loading)

5) keep the lens and overall quality

6) increase the maximum shutter speed to 1/2000

7) increase the flash sync speed (perhaps double it to 1/100?)

8) add a self timer

9) incorporate aperture priority autoexposure

This camera is called a Contax G1.

Yes, the focus on the G1 is entirely different than the M series
rangefinders', the camera makes a bit more noise, it cannot take a photo
without a battery, the viewfinder is smaller (although useable by the
myopic w/o glasses), and the range of options and sense of tradition are
not as great, but I think we should consider that Leica might be losing
ground to the newcomer (and some more seasoned photographers) and should
consider a competitive offering. Rather than an evolution in the M6 perhaps
Leica needs a revolutionary new camera to offer alongside the M6. No? Food
for thought.


P.S. Please don't hate me!

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