Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/27

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Subject: purpose of leica-users mailing list
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 11:49:31 PST

I created the Leica Users mailing list so that those of us who like to
take photographs with Leica cameras could talk to one another. In the
past 6 months there has been a huge surge of new members of the list,
and I think it's appropriate that I send out a reminder as to the
purpose of the list.

The central topic of the list is photography with rangefinder cameras,
especially Leica rangefinder cameras, and also Leica R cameras. 

Most rangefinder and Leica users are also interested in the following

 * Buying and selling and trading cameras to other users, without
   accidentally tripping over camera collectors. We are first and
   foremost photographers and not collectors, but you can't take
   photographs with a camera if you don't have that camera.

 * Other kinds of photographic lore that are usually relevant to
   photography with these cameras. 

There have been 127 messages to Leica-Users in the month of November.
Of them, the ones that seem to me to be least relevant to the intended
purpose of this list are those about the ownership of Leica GMBH,
extended discussion of the Leica Historical Society, extended
discussions of film, and questions about the number of cameras of one
type or another that might have been manufactured.

The messages that seem to me to be the most relevant to the intended
purpose of this list are those about CL batteries, quality of lenses,
usefulness of mirror lock, relative worth of R7 over R5, willingness of
Leitz to repair screw-mount cameras, etc.

Brian Reid
Replied: 27 Nov 95 20:33