Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/21

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Subject: Do I need a mirror-lock?
From: "Joe B." <>
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 03:36:29 +0000

Hi all, my first message to this group. And apologies if this ended up
in one person's mailbox; this hasn't appeared so I'm posting it again. I
did see somewhere that this is for Leica-M and rf users, and yet my
query concerns the Leica R cameras, so I just hope that isn't a rigid
requirement. And if it is, I hope I haven't upset anyone with this.

OK, the question is this. I have an R5 and an RE and I want to use
it/them on a copying stand, with a 60mm Macro-Elmarit-R, both with and
without bellows, to photograph flowers close up and very close up, by
non-flash illumination, which will require longish exposures. I want to
be able to make big prints if I decide to, at least 12 x 18" (pref 20 x
30"!) from the resulting slides (Velvia, and maybe Kodachrome 40
Tungsten if that still exists) and negs. 

Should I be particularly concerned that neither body has mirror lock-up?
Should I be considering selling one body and getting an R6 instead for
the mlu feature? (And if so, should I sell a German RE or an early (I
think) Portugese R5?).

Any opinions, experience or advice welcomed.
Joe B.