Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/06

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To: Leica List <>
Subject: Re: Who owns Leica?
From: Eric Welch <>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 08:54:29 PST

** Reply to note from Winston Yu <> 11/06/95 07:47am -0500
> How to you get all new message to your PC  
> and read them offline ?

I use an OS/2 program called Golden Compass. It alone justifies the purchase of OS/2.  
But they are coming out with a Windows version in the future to run on NT and Win95, but  
Win95 has a problem running such a well threaded program. It sells for around $59 at  
Indelible Blue.

Right now, there's NavCis, which there are three versions. One free, and two you buy.  
The high end one, for $79 has a spell checker and other neat stuff. 

There's also one that Compuserve sells for $10 that some people like. It's called CisNav  
I believe. Sort of strange for such a name after Navcis was already out. 

For Dos, there's TapCis ($80?) and OzCis ($50?). You and do the GO Tapcis or whatever of  
the names of the programs above and find the forum where you can download it. I use the  
CIS 800 14.4 number or a 28.8 line out of San Francisco to download programs, since I  
don't have a local node. 

I don't know what the name of the Mac programs are, but they're out there too. Just post  
a message asking and someone will tell you. 

Let me know if you find what you're looking for. Golden Compass has saved me Hundreds of  
Dollars a year. And since I'm long distance, and the cheapest rate I can get is 10 cents  
per minute, they will continue to save me money. I usually spend a total of 4 or 5  
minutes online - that's three longins - to do several hundred messages and all my e-mail  
through CIS.


Eric Welch
Grants Pass, OR