Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1995/11/06

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To: Leica List <>
Subject: Re: R versus M Sales
From: Eric Welch <>
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 08:26:26 PST

** Reply to note from 11/05/95 10:27pm -0500
> I need the simplicity and, well, 
> perfection of the M system!

I understand what you are saying. I agree, there is a beauty to the  
simplicity of the M system. That's why I bought an M6 this past summer.  
for two reasons actually, one for the camera itself, and one beause I  
was selling my R system, and wanted to give my "Leica lust" some  
satisfaction. <G>

But people don't give the R system credit where it's due. Did you ever  
try some of their really spectacular lenses? Like the 100 Apo Macro, or  
the 280 apo telyts, or the new 19? Or the 35 Summilux R? These are  
about as perfect lenses as you will find, and they take back seats to  
no lenses, including the Ms - comparable ones anyway. I only left Leica  
SLRs because I had to have autofocus and 1/250 flash sync. Otherwise, I  
would NEVER have switched.

I know that sounds like someone who doesn't know what he's talking  
about, but is just a fan. I've used Leicas professionally for 10 years,  
and about 5 years before that. And I have never seen a better picture  
making system, with the two things I mentined above, and a lack of  
certain focal lengths, and features (i.e. tilt/shift lenses, exotics,  
etc.) the exceptions.

But for you, it sounds like you don't care about lots of exotic stuff,  
but good basic cameras that get the job done. That's the M for shure. I  
use mine a lot.


Eric Welch
Grants Pass, OR