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To: (Quest Electronics inc. )
Subject: Re: 35mm f2 v.s. 28mm f2.8
From: "Hubert Nowotny" <>
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 1995 17:05:40 +0100
Organization: CTR
Priority: normal

> > From: (Quest Electronics inc. )
> > Subject:       35mm f2  v.s.  28mm f2.8

>      I am about to buy a medium wide angle lens for my Leica R5.  I 
> would be interested in hearing your thoughts on a 35mm f2 as compared 
> to a 28mm f2.8.

> Regards,
> Bill Erfurth
> Evergreen, CO

To stick to the question of which focal lengths to have or not to 
have (leaving out the discussion about optical quality in detail):
I once owed a SLR system with some 57 mm standard lens and decided to 
buy a 28 mm as my one and only wide-angle. That's quite a good 
"budget" solution. I've been happy whith that for years.

Now I have two Leitz bodies (R5 and R3) with various lenses and there is 
something like a 35 (it's a 40 mm in fact) _and_ a 24 mm (and I think 
about a fish-eye). I'm more happy now.

So, I think, your choice is: Do you want to have only one wide-angle 
or could you imagine to buy two of them? If the answer for the next 
years is "one and only one", then go for the 28 mm. If your budget will 
allow to think about a 24 mm (or something in this range, e.g. the 21 
mm is a fine lens), then start with the 35 mm and look for a 24 mm too.

Hope to have helped you further on

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