Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1994/02/25

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Subject: Re: How to carry an M-series with 4 lenses
From: David.Bernard@Central.Sun.COM (Dave Bernard)
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 94 07:20:41 EST

You might want to look into the Bellingham bags, sold by
Leica of the US.  These are British made, canvas and leather,
waterproof, rugged, and classy-looking.  Also quite expensive.

I have one, the Original Henley, and am not in love with it.
The pockets are kind of deep, and I would like a zipper or
something, rather than belt buckles, to make sure that
everything stays inside, including small objects, should
the bag invert.  Still, they are compact, and go with the
Leica image.


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> Subject: How to carry an M-series with 4 lenses
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> I would like some suggestions on how to carry an M-series camera and 4
> lenses. This may sound like an unusual request, but in my hunt for a camera
> case, I have invariably found that most camera cases are built for bulbous
> zoom-lensed SLR's. The M-series is the antithesis of this having small
> relatively dense lenses and bodies.
> In the past I have used the camera in an ever-ready case (although not
> always) and placed a couple of lenses mated back to back in a small waist
> pouch. I bought a 4th lens recently and now have to deal with finding a
> spot for this. Most of the bum-bag style cases tend to place the weight
> relatively far away from the body, thus amplifying the weight and making
> them uncomfortable.
> Any suggestions?