Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1994/02/24

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Subject: How to carry an M-series with 4 lenses
From: (Blair Nonnecke)
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 19:28:23 +0000

I would like some suggestions on how to carry an M-series camera and 4
lenses. This may sound like an unusual request, but in my hunt for a camera
case, I have invariably found that most camera cases are built for bulbous
zoom-lensed SLR's. The M-series is the antithesis of this having small
relatively dense lenses and bodies.

In the past I have used the camera in an ever-ready case (although not
always) and placed a couple of lenses mated back to back in a small waist
pouch. I bought a 4th lens recently and now have to deal with finding a
spot for this. Most of the bum-bag style cases tend to place the weight
relatively far away from the body, thus amplifying the weight and making
them uncomfortable.

Any suggestions?

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