Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1993/09/15

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Subject: leica-users mailing list notes
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 93 19:32:49 PDT

The "leica-users" mailing list is run from my home computer,

For the last 7 years that computer has been a Microvax II. In 1986 this
was a pretty zippy state-of-the-art toy. It's been creaking along on a
wing and a prayer and my electronics skills for some time now, obsolete
but still working.

In July, while I was on vacation, it totally self-destructed, taking 2
of the 4 disks with it and trashing all 5 of the Q-bus cards that I've
been so lovingly repairing through the years. Except that there hasn't
been a lightning storm here in Palo Alto since 1974, and that my
rooftop shortwave antenna amplifier is undamaged, It would seem like
lightning must have struck while I was gone. Maybe a cockroach with an
arc welder?

Anyhow, I pieced together the resources to get a 486 PC, and I
installed Unix on it, and laboriously got all of my home computing
world, which includes the leica-users mailing list, working on the new

Today I finally got the last modem working on the RISCom, for uucp
mail, so I'm officially done with the massive project of migrating my
e-mail world from a VAX to a PC.

I apologize for the interruption, though "leica-users" has by far the
lowest volume of any of the various mailing lists that I run. I would
like to invite the members (including half a dozen new members for whom
this is the first leica-users message that they will receive) to
actually send messages to the list.

To send:

To change your membership status:

Brian Reid